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The service provided by MEXSHIELD, LLC. is exclusively an advice in each of the covered cities in the following list and excludes all types of fines, legal processes and expenses.


Service contracted from MEXSHIELD has a limit of three requests for assistance of different events per user during the stay and states that it is a service company with external network safety assistants.


I do understand that MEXSHIELD is NOT an insurance company, it only provides services through professional safety assistants.


I agree and understand that MEXSHIELD, can and will, -when is considered necessary-, videotape, record and/or use witnesses for quality control purposes.




This PDS is designed to assist the user in its decision to contract MEXSHIELD services.  It contains information about key benefits and significant features of MEXSHIELD services in Mexico.

The PDS also contains important information about the user’s rights and obligations including full terms and conditions that apply on MEXSHIELD services. 


The sole services provider is MEXSHIELD, LLC., An American Company with address at:

2929 Allen Parkway, 

Suite 200,

Houston, TX, 77019

United States of America


Throughout this PDS, the service provider/ Company is referred to as: MEXSHIELD, LLC.

This Service is distributed and administered in our behalf by the authorized representatives in Latin America.





Phone within the United States of America (A private Service contract by the Company): +832-833-3400

Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 6 pm Friday, 8.30 am – 4 pm Saturday.

Hours may be subject to change. Please visit our website at

Email address:

Emergency Assistance call: 

Phone: +011 521 664 274 89 95, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week



MEXSHIELD provides a legal assistance platform from one trip up to what you select with access to all services provided by MEXSHIELD, through its network of safety assistants.

You have the option to select the number of people that will have access to the platform, a variety of different plans and geographical areas are covered, offering different level of assistances and several upgrades which best suits your travel needs in Mexico. 

MEXSHIELD uses a GPS system in order to verify the location of the users and will share the information to the MEXSHIELD safety assistant or any other member of the network platform. 


Contract Types:

You have the option to select:

1.- Individual; This option provides assistance for one adult (legal age) or older and its accompanying children.

2.-Couple; This option provides assistance for two adults who are in a marital relationship.

3.- Family; This option provides assistance for two adults who are in a marital relationship and their accompanying children.

4.- Group; this option provides assistance to a previous set number of people that will include a private and designated companion that will coordinate any required event.


Service Plans - Geographical areas

You should select the MEXSHIELD service as needed for your travel destination in Mexico:

1.-  Mexico: by selecting one to three states of Mexico to visit.

Please note: If you have a multiple destination itinerary, you should be aware that your service will only be valid in the states you have selected. 

No assistance is available under this service when traveling on commercial cruise ships.





Service Upgrades and Amendments


The following service amendments only apply if they have been before selected by you, the appropriate fee has been paid and shown on your invoice.

If you selected a plan but want to increase and/or extend it, you have to pay the applicable fee increase for the service. This will apply to each person in the group and/or selected plan. This amount will be shown under each section where it applies.



Natural Disaster assistance: To include any unexpected natural disaster as an event during your service, you must have purchased this option and the option must be shown on your invoice.

As per our General Exclusions our fees do not cover any costs incurred or reimbursement relating to a natural disaster if an event is already known prior to contract the service. 

For any questions, please send your enquiries to us via e-mail to:


This PDS, along with your invoice is the service contract. Together, these documents explain the scope of our service. The PDS contains terms, conditions and exclusions which you should be aware of.

Please read this PDS to make sure that the scope of our service meets your needs and please check the details outlined within your invoice to make sure that the information shown is correct.

Our service will only be available if you purchase it before you commence your travel.


Depending on your specific needs, MEXSHIELD may provide pre-trip advice related to:  local medical services at your destination, information about required traveling documents and general traveling information. 


Updating this PDS

Information in this PDS is subject to change from time to time. Where a change occurs in relation to information that is not materially adverse we may update it by including information on our website.


General Advice Disclosure

Any financial product advice provided by us is general only and is provided without taking into consideration your personal circumstances, objects or financial situation.

Therefore, you need to read this PDS to consider if MEXSHIELD is a right option for you before deciding to obtain a MEXSHIELD service to ensure that it suits your needs.



Privacy Policy and Disclosure

We, MEXSHIELD comply with the requirements of the Privacy Acts enforceable in Mexico and the United States of America, which apply to any personal information (as defined in the Privacy Act) that is collected by MEXSHIELD, LLC. Review our polices at: 



Our service will not be offered:

  1. If the service is not requested prior to your arrival to your first destination in the state where the services are going to be enforced or prior booking your trip.

  2. If you are aware of any legal status, medical condition or set of circumstances which could lead to a request of service. 

  3. If you cancel your trip before departure. 

  4. If there are changes in your legal or medical status after a MEXSHIELD service has been issued.




  1. MEXSHIELD will assist you in any requested service under the terms and conditions of the contract only as a service provider limited to: advice without any responsibility from our Company for any situation in which you have suffered from or received medical advice, treatment or medication for: - any heart related, blood circulatory or diabetic condition; or - any neurological condition (including stroke, brain hemorrhage or epilepsy); - any breathing condition; - any psychiatric or psychological condition (including anxiety or depression). 

  2. You must make sure that you inform MEXSHIELD about any change in your circumstances that happens after the service has been issued and before you travel. MEXSHIELD has the right to change the conditions of your service in line with the change of risk. 

  3. MEXSHIELD is not responsible for any cost (monetary) incurred by you by paying fines, attorney fees, third party experts, bail bond or any other monetary payments to be made to authorities, hospital or any other public or private entity. 

  4. You must call MEXSHIELD to offer our service under this contract. 

  5. As you have acknowledged, we are not an insurance company but is a service company, therefore, MEXSHIELD will only provide services directly to the person whose name appears in the invoice. 

  6.  MEXSHIELD service, has no obligation to provide services to beneficiaries or third parties. 

  7. MEXSHIELD will not be obligated to offer services during force majeure events such as war, invasion, insurrection or the use of military power in general. 

  8. MEXSHIELD provides services through a network of professional safety assistants and companies; therefore, MEXSHIELD is not responsible for the performance of such third party professionals or companies. Our service will be limited to the communication made through our platform between our users and such third party professionals and companies. 

  9. MEXSHIELD will not be obligated to provide services if you have been involved in any deliberate, malicious, reckless, illegal or criminal act.

  10. MEXSHIELD services are nonrefundable


We are committed to handling any concerns or complaints about our products or services. 

If you have a complaint or concern (including the personal information we handle and your privacy): 

  1. Contact our Call Center and file a complaint with us. You can also send your complaint through email at:

If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved you may request to be reviewed by the management contacting: The Dispute Resolution Manager MEXSHILED, LLC. 2929 Allen Parkway, Suite 200, Houston, TX, 77019 United States of America


  1. If you are still not satisfied, you may request your case to be reviewed by our Internal Dispute Resolution Committee (“Committee”). We will respond to you with the Committee’s findings within fifteen working days. 

  2. If you are not satisfied with the finding of the Committee, you may be able to take your case to PROFECO (Mexican Consumer Protection Bureau), Email: or Phone number 01800 4688722, the appropriate authority to make services with which we are obliged to comply. 



Updates to the privacy policy

Your privacy is important to Mexshield. When you use the Mexshield app, you entrust us with some personal information, so we are committed to maintaining that trust. We will use your information to provide you with a better service and it applies specifically to the following parts:

· "Clients" are those who buy a medical or legal assistance service when traveling to any part of Mexico, any time of day, any day of the year, agrees and approves to the rules and conditions of use of the platform.

· "Advisers" are the providers of the services acquired by the "client", specialists in the field of adjustment such as assistance, with an adjustment certificate issued by the National Insurance and Bonding Commission in Mexico, law graduates with a valid professional license to practice in Mexico, which provide medical or legal assistance services to "clients" when required in any part of the Mexican territory, any day of the year.

· "Users" are all those who make use of the Mexshield application on their mobile device.

A. Information collected

Location data (advisers): We collect precise and / or approximate location data from Mexshield “advisers”, in order to assist in providing the service purchased by the "client" when required and upon request for assistance, when in an emergency situation, anywhere in the territory of Mexico to include, but is not limited to: highways, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, parks, businesses, companies. Mexshield collects this information when the “advisers” application is running in the foreground (open app and on screen) or in the background (open app, but not on screen) on a mobile device.

Location data (clients): We collect accurate and / or approximate location data from "client" when, through the application on a mobile device, the “client” requests assistance and / or advice included within the services purchased. It is important that the "client" has a mobile device with the Mexshield application and has data / Wi-Fi service at the time of the emergency, this will be the only way to provide the assistance and advisory service of medical or legal emergencies to our “clients”. The location of the "client" will allow Mexshield to provide the service for which it was contracted by the "client", anywhere in the territory of Mexico where the "client" is located.

By agreeing to these provisions, the "user" consents to our collecting of location data from their mobile devices. Mexshield collects this information from the moment assistance is requested until the service is terminated (said collection period can be indicated with an icon and a notification on the mobile device, depending on the operating system) and each time the application is running in the foreground (application open and on screen) on the mobile device.

"Users" may use Mexshield applications without giving permission for precise location data to be collected from their mobile devices. However, this may affect the quality of our services and/or some functions of the Mexshield applications. To mention an example, if a “client” or “adviser” does not allow location data to be collected, it will not be possible to request assistance or service through the application.

In addition, the location data collected from the "user" during a requested emergency service will be linked to the account created by the aforementioned, even when it has not been allowed in order to provide support, generate proof of service provision, reasons related to litigation or any other diligence of a criminal nature and health care issues, car accidents, etc.

B. How we use and share personal data

Mexshield uses personal data to provide reliable and secure services to our “clients”. We also use this data for the following:

· Activate and improve our services

· Provide support to "clients" and "advisers"

· Carry out research and development tasks

· Allow communication between "client" and "adviser"

· Mexshield does not sell or disclose user personal data to third parties for marketing purposes.

· Guide our “clients” to safe places in case of an emergency, which will include but in no way will be limited to: gas stations, hospitals, police headquarters, firefighters, etc.

· Address issues related to legal procedures.

· Fix software bugs and operational issues, track and analyze usage trends and activities.

· Provides "users" a connection with Mexshield, which will provide real information visually and peace of mind knowing that they will be attended and assisted in an emergency at optimal times.

· Mexshield could use personal data or those related to an emergency service provided, to address and / or investigate disputes related to the use of Mexshield's services by virtue of a legal procedure or a governmental request, including the law enforcement and / or health issues in which the integrity of a person is in danger.

C. Device permissions

Since it is necessary to have a mobile device to access the services provided by Mexshield, it is important to authorize the operation of the application. Most mobile device platforms including but not limited to iOS, Android, etc. defined certain types of device data that applications cannot access without prior authorization from the device owner. These platforms have different methods to obtain and / or give said permissions. Check the settings available on your device or check with your provider.

D. In-app grade pages and notifications

After each assistance / service, customers will be able to rate this interaction on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being excellent. This rating will be taken into account for monitoring purposes and improvements to our services.

During the course of emergency assistance, Mexshield will send notifications to the "client" through the application on their mobile device in order to maintain communication in real time, through which they will be informed of changes and updates during the course of the emergency.

E. Maintenance and deletion of data

Mexshield keeps “users” data for as long as necessary to provide the services for which it was hired, depending on the type of information and purposes for which it is collected.

The “advisers” can request the deletion of their accounts at any time. Such request will be made unless it must be retained due to legal requirements, issues related to the “adviser” account, or pending dispute. Therefore, we will keep the “adviser” account and data for a minimum of 1 year after a request for deletion is made. As for "clients", their data is usually deleted within 90 days after the service was provided, except when its conservation is necessary for the reasons described above.

F. Updates

Mexshield will notify users of significant changes through the application or by other means, such as email. The use of our services after an update, constitutes the consent of the notice to the extent permitted by law.