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Enjoy Mexico with peace of mind.

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Our Story

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MEXSHIELD is the brainchild of Dan Cannon and Omar Ledesma. Dan is a succesful San Diego businesman who lived in Mexico for over 7 years and Omar a Mexican insurance broker living in the United States.

Both friends having lived, traveled, and conducted business on both sides of the border for decades, they understood first-hand the challenges that foreigners face while traveling in Mexico. After hearing too many discouraging tales from friends, family and coworkers, who had either had problems themselves, or had heard enough accounts of such problems that they were too afraid to travel to Mexico, Omar and Dan founddecided to find a way to allow people to enjoy the beauty, regional cuisines, and cultural riches of Mexico without worry: MEXSHIELD. With over 100 cumulative years of Mexican travel experience, MEXSHIELD is the first personalized, digital assistance network connecting travelers, DMC, travel agents, travel platforms and hotels with local hands-on assistance, was born, offering the one thing money can't buy: peace of mind.

Daniel Cannon

Omar Ledesma


MEXSHIELD is a digital platform and app connecting travelers in need of medical or legal aid to in-person assistance in the form of a highly-trained, MEXSHIELD Safety Assistant Specialist, located locally, wherever you are in Mexico.

In the event of an accident, legal issues, or medical emergency, your MEXSHIELD Safety Assistant Specialist will meet you on site, within minutes, and continue to accompany you throughout the duration of your issue, making sure the proper professional procedures are followed.

MEXSHIELD holds the highest standards in personal attention, providing individual members, associates, travel agents, and Destination Management Companies with the duty of care your clients need when traveling to Mexico.

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Who is it

  • Anyone traveling to Mexico from anywhere in the world.
  • Vacation or business travelers.
  • Solo travelers or those traveling in groups.
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MEXSHIELD provides personalized, face-to-face assistance for legal or medical emergencies while traveling Mexico

Our network of over 300 MEXSHIELD AMIGO ZONES and 450 skilled bilingual (English and Spanish), highly-trained Safety Assistant Specialists are available all day, everyday (24/7/365), anywhere in Mexico to assist you with:

- Automobile accidents
- Driving while under the influence
- Illness (of any kind)
- Trouble with the police or other authorities
- How to pay fines
- Theft
- Extortion or fraud

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All of Mexico

MEXSHIELD covers all of Mexico.
We operate a network of highly-skilled bilingual (English and Spanish) MEXSHIELD Safety Assistant Specialists on all cities, states and regions in the country.

Cell phone location services can tell us where our clients are, even when the client can't.

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Geotracker = Peace of Mind

MEXSHIELD is the first and only service of its kind, providing face-to-face assistance to travelers in Mexico within minutes, all via an easy-to-use MEXSHIELD app with GEOTRACKER.

This comprehensive service benefits not only the person traveling to Mexico, but also those back at home - parents, spouses, partners, family members, and business associates - who will enjoy the invaluable reward of peace of mind.

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Enjoy Mexico with peace of mind for only:

$10usper day
per person

Contact Us for special group prices.

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How it Works?

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1. Face-to-Face assistance with a MEXSHIELD Safety Assistant Specialist

2. MEXSHIELD App lets your MEXSHIELD Safety Assistant Specialist know where you are (even if you don't)

3. Track your MEXSHIELD Safety Assistant Specialist via the MEXSHIELD App. Communicate via Live Chat until your Safety Assistant Specialist arrives.

4. VIP service for groups, DMC, conventions, travel agents, and event organizers.

5. Guides you in legal situations, and will continue to consult with you and your attorney if you are sent to jail.

6. MEXSHIELD Safety Assistant Specialist assists with third-party claim reimbursment.

7. In person, on-site service. We will literally BE THERE for you.

8. Press one button to reach your personal MEXSHIELD Safety Assistant Specialist.



1. Call a generic number. Talk to a different assistant each time, and updating the new assistant each time regarding your case.

2. No reliable way to locate you in an emergency. They depend on YOU to tell them where you are.

3. Rely on a time estimate given by a phone operator and wait it out.

4. No boutique services.

5. Will not assist in any situation involving Mexican authorities.

6. You're on your own with the paperwork and follow-up.

7. No in-person service, only call centers.

8. 1-800-hope-I-get-a-human

DMC Travel Assistance

MEXSHIELD'S unparalleled level of personal attention and our team of local, experienced Safety Assistant Specialists provide travel agents, event organizers, and DMCs with the security and duty of care that your clients need when traveling in Mexico.

As travel professionals, we know that you need to cover every eventuality. We have the experience working in Mexico to exceed your expectations, providing effective solutions at the precise moment you need it.

Special pricing for groups of 20 and up.
Cover your entire group while traveling.
Recommend MEXSHIELD as an add-on for anyone traveling to Mexico

VIP MEXSHIELD means a Safety Assistant Specialist will travel with your group, providing real-time advice and a sense of security whenever you need it.

* MEXSHIELD is not an insurance agency and does not cover any claims or reimbursements. We recommend you acquire a travel insurance policy with your insurance agent.

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Our personalized Business Travel Assistance is designed to give Peace of mind to company executives both in Mexico or visiting Mexico as well as to their guests.

The MEXSHIELD app with GEOTRACKER will give control and security to HR departments and executives back home in case of an accident or emergency.

* MEXSHIELD is not an insurance agency and does not cover any claims or reimbursements. We recommend you acquire a travel insurance policy with your insurance agent.

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I've had the pleasure of knowing Omar Ledesma and his brother Mario for a very long time. Through out the years he's insured my families vehicles, home and most recently we worked closely with MEXSHIELD to insure a wine festival in Baja México I'm a part of. It's really comforting to work with someone you can trust 100% in this field.

Edoardo Chavarin

Valle Food & Wine Festival
Creative Director and Consultant

I had a great time traveling with friends to TJ knowing MEXSHIELD had my back. I definetly had a great time knowing I was covered during my trip

Mario Peña

Pleasure traveler / Facebook user

Even though I'm a Mexican descendant and speak Spanish, I preferred to enjoy Mexico, knowing that if something happens, I can get help right by my side. I enjoy Mexico with a peace of mind feeling safer and I'm so glad I took MEXSHIELD along with me. Thank you MEXSHIELD.


Pleasure traveler / Facebook user

My name is Noemi and I'm here right now at La Paz, BCS, and I want to tell you my best experience ever, I'm a Mexican descendant and I always travel with MEXSHIELD and I feel so protected and that's why I like to travel everywhere and every time I come to Mexico I always take MEXSHIELD with me and I feel so protected and I feel like somebody is guiding me and if something happens MEXSHIELD is going to respond for me, I really recommend it and you can use it and you can travel to Mexico safely, thank you, bye!


Pleasure traveler / Facebook user