MENU Affiliate Program

Who we are

MEXSHIELD® is a USA based company that has developed a cutting-edge multiservice platform to insure the foreign traveler has peace of mind at all times by providing a network of Safety assistants, lawyers and hospitals for travel safety and a helping hand 24/7 during their stay in Mexico.

We offer a comprehensive and face-to-face companionship to help foreign tourists in Mexico feel fully supported in case of accidentally breaking the law in Mexico. In addition, we also provide our customers with immediate help and advice if they are ever a victim fraud or any illegal act during their trip.

Our commitment

Improve the stay of foreigners traveling to Mexico, by providing peace of mind through our network of Safety assistants and Legal Assistance Specialists based locally in Mexico.

Our core values


We are your legal support during your stay in Mexico. We provide round the clock service levels that offer peace of mind, for you and those you care about.


The traveler is the most important element of our company; therefore, we focus all of our efforts on exceeding their expectations. We provide effective solutions at the precise moment you need it the most.


Honesty and trust are central to integrity, we believe in acting at all times with transparency in what we do. We align our operation to the highest ethical standards to bring you the assistance you deserve.

Helping others

We believe in the beauty and safety in Mexico, and want everyone to enjoy that. We also want to contribute to improvement in Mexico by supporting charities that improve education, tourism and overall safety for travelers while in Mexico.

Coverage Map

National Reach Map

MEXSHIELD® delivers an efficient service across the entire country through our network of skilled lawyers and highly trained Safety assistants based in Mexico.